Notify Me – Notes,Notepad, Todo & Reminder App

#Notepad, #Checklist, #Reminder becomes very essential in our life. Notify Me is a simple and very gorgeous #Notepad app that allows you to keep or pin your #notes. Notify me is a new, comfortable and simple #notepad right on Google Play Store. This Notepad app gives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience.

If You have lots of things to keep or pin you can do, Also have a checklist, you can choose material colors for your specific notes, It also has a scheduler which will send you a reminder on time.

# Do you know why we had named this note keeper app “Notify Me“?
Cause this simple app not only keeps your notes but also able to remind you. This App can notify you of your tasks.

# Why You should choose to notify me except choosing other notepad or checklist app?
Cause Notify me is Very light, fast, simple well organized app. The user has full freedom to choose Material colors for their note.

# How this app will notify you?
As we said Notify Me is totally user-friendly notepad app. When User saves a note, he could modify everything of that note, Like color, favorite options, modify note Also can set reminder option by tapping on the note.

#Is there any annoying popup or ads?
We know Ads are annoying but to run this project we have to show ads. But There are not very much ads. There only Two Banner ads on the bottom. You will see a big ad whenever you start our app 100 times.

Features of Notify Me
* Full User Access.
* Simple Note Interface.
* Easy to create new notes
* No Limitation to create new notes
* User can choose note color
* Reminder option.
* User can keep or pin notes into favorite menu.
* Notification on Time.
* User can Share their notes.
* Easily Copy note.
* Grid View with Material Colors

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