Social networks are the place to attach together with your fans, so remember that your brand represents you. It connects people with you and it must be consistent throughout. If you’ve got a rocking color scheme or an awesome-looking logo, use it! You’ll use it not only on your website, blog posts, and your bio but on all of your social profiles too.

But, first, you will need to make a decision if you would like to brand yourself personally or brand your company. Of course, these are both interconnected so just believe how you would like to be remembered online. If you’ve got a cool-looking brand, you’ll be wanting to use it for your profiles on the various social networks. At some point, you’ll want to share your personal photo. Your photo helps make deeper connections with companies and individuals who might want to ascertain the face behind the brand.

Another thing to believe, when choosing whether to brand yourself or your company, is what you propose to try to do within the near future. If you’ve got several interests, then you’ll consider your logo for one interest and your personal name and/or photo for the opposite to stay them somewhat separate.

Most importantly, confine your mind whether you would like to market a product brand or if you would like to possess the pliability to transition with ease. If you chose the convenience of transition, you’ll certainly want to think about a private brand. the private brand is one that will seamlessly transition across the board and should be the simplest choice for you.

You also want to make certain that you simply are unique to YOU! Don’t attempt to mimic someone else! as an example there’s a story behind the Jr. in my name also because of the Pink color I exploit on all my sites and even my hair. So, determine the story you would like to share which can cause you to different which will help identify YOU and your brand.

So, believe the following:

  • Personal brand

  • Product brand

  • Unique story that sets you apart

What have you ever chosen? What causes you to unique? What are you able to use which will make your tribe remember YOU? Tell me, I would like to know!